Need for responsive website design

The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets has made it imperative for companies to develop responsive websites. A website plays a vital part in brand identity and hence companies are focusing on the development of mobile and tablet-friendly designs. Let us see the need for designing such websites.

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Responsive web portals are extremely fluid, due to which the content moves smoothly across all screen resolutions. This enhances user experience. People can surf the website from any device anytime they want. No resizing is required and thus it provides an optimal user experience.

Cost effective

It is believed that responsive websites are expensive. However, it is not so. These portals are cost-effective and because of their unified approach upgrades need to be applied at just one place. This saves money and time.

Recommended by Google

Google is the most popular search engine and hence its recommendations hold importance. Google recommends a responsive approach to websites with improved seo service. Since responsive websites have a single URL along with HTML, it becomes easy for Google to crawl and index them. Google also prefers responsive design because it’s easy for users to share and link to a content.

High conversion rate

Since responsive designs provide a great user experience, hence there are great chances of high conversion rates. Users are more likely to engage than going anywhere else.

Responsive websites have evolved just more than a trend. They play an integral role in creating brand awareness and help in internet marketing. There are many web companies that design responsive portals. These portals leave a long-lasting impression on users and boost revenues of a digital marketing company in kolkata.


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